Infographics: Victoria Legal Aid

VLAUsing infographics to simplify complex ideas

Victoria Legal Aid has the challenging task of making the law accessible and understandable. Assisting Legal Aid to create a bank of Facebook posts for their new page enabled me to play with one of my favourite online toys to create infographics that make complex matters simple.

Problem: trying to explain the different types of assistance VLA can provide, in a way that is easy for non-legal people to understand, including those from non-English speaking backgrounds.

Solution: to use an infographic to explain the options

Icebreaker’s input: I nutted out the best way to visually present the options in a simple, and branded, infographic, which I then created, ready for upload.

Result: a clear infographic that was able to be posted on VLA’s Facebook page and tweeted.

Visit VLA’s Facebook page.