Major reports: Austin Health

QOC 12Turning compulsory reports into compulsory reading

Victorian health services are obliged to deliver an annual report on their quality of care to the community. I have worked on several of these quality of care reports for Austin Health, enjoying the challenge of delivering an interesting read to a lay audience whilst meeting Department of Health requirements.

Problem: To interest a lay audience of the Austin’s catchment in its efforts to provide excellent care, whilst meeting Department of Health reporting requirements.

Solution: Creating a magazine-style report with breakout boxes that report on key deliverables for the department, combined with human interest stories of patients and health care professionals.

Icebreaker’s input: Over the years, I have been heavily involved in all aspects of the Austin’s Quality of Care Reports, from assisting with story selection, to interviewing and writing articles, drawing up the photography schedule and accompanying the photographer on location as well as liaising with the graphic designers charged with laying out the report.

Result: Interesting, informative and easy-to-understand reports that provide taxpayers with a valuable insight into their health care system.

Download Austin Health’s Quality of Care Report