Video scripts: PEPA Victoria

PEPA websiteUtilising video to answer common queries

The Victorian Program of Experience in the Palliative Approach needed assistance to promote its service to health care professionals whilst answering common queries about the program. A new website with a cute and informative video, proved to be an effective solution.

Problem: The Victorian program coordinator was receiving multiple calls from health professionals with similar queries. This not only took up a large chunk of her working day, but meant that these queries could be acting as a barrier for others from applying for the program.

Solution: The program required an improved website, strategically targeted towards its target audience of health professionals, that answered their commonly voiced issues and concerns. The website also enables health professionals to apply directly for the program or workshops, negating the need to call the program coordinator.

Icebreaker’s input: I designed a simple, one-page website for PEPA Victoria and wrote the script for a short, and catchy video that not only promoted the benefits of the program but answered common queries. I utilised my network of creative experts to project manage the development of the video and coding of the website. I also registered the site’s domain name.

Result: The website has received accolades from other Australian PEPA programs and has proven to be a highly-useful resource for health professionals interested in furthering their knowledge of palliative care.

Visit the PEPA Victoria website