Website architecture & content: TOCAN

MTOCAN websiteaking travel safer for children with a disability

I love working on projects where you know what you are doing matters. Creating a simple website structure and easy-to-read content for the Transportation of Children with Additional Needs (TOCAN) collaborative was definitely one of those projects.

Problem: Children with disabilities have a much higher risk of dying or being injured as a result of a car accident and the Transportation of Children with Additional Needs (TOCAN) collaborative was looking at ways of tackling that issue by promoting the use of appropriate car restraints.

Solution: As parents and carers can find it difficult to find a car restraint to meet their child’s special temporary or permanent disability needs, TOCAN opted to create a website to assist them to understand what was available and how to ensure their child’s needs were assessed appropriately. The site also helped health professionals navigate the legalities and practicalities of prescribing special purpose restraints.

Icebreaker’s input: I was involved in developing the architecture for the new website and developing content to assist both parents and health professionals, including the addition of case studies. The site itself was developed by The Royal Children’s Hospital’s in-house IT team and I inputted the content directly into their Content Management System.

Result: Survey Monkey was used to gauge the success of the site. The survey found 96.15% of visitors trusted the information on the site ‘a lot’;  81% said they would recommend the site to colleagues or friends; and, the vast majority of visitors (84.62%) found it either ‘extremely easy’, or ‘very easy’, to find the information they needed from the site.

Visit the TOCAN website.