Newspaper features: The Age

006News instincts honed through journalism experience

Some put my interest in property down to being nosy, I prefer to call it a keen and professional curiosity that has led me to develop a sound level of expertise in the Melbourne property market in my role as a regular contributor to The Age newspaper’s Domain section.

Problem: Creating regular and interesting content for a weekly newspaper section specialising in property.

Solution: Regular and successful ‘pitching’ of story ideas for the Domain section of The Age.

Icebreaker’s input: I have been a regular contributor to Domain since 2007, with the majority of my articles being commissioned by the editor after a successful ‘pitch’, and the others being directly commissioned.

Result: I have contributed a large bank of stories to Domain, several of which have also been republished in other Fairfax publications, including the Sydney Morning Herald. The majority of my stories have been features that include relevant case studies and break out boxes with interesting titbits of information.