Website Structure & Content

TOCAN websiteIntuitive navigation, clear and compelling content.

Websites are, or should be, continually changing and upgrading to ensure they keep up with technological changes, for instance ensuring they are mobile responsive to adapt to the increasing use of mobile devices.

To be more than a static online brochure, a website needs to have a strong call to action, interesting and relevant content and be easy to navigate. If your website fails to meet those very basic requirements, Icebreaker can assist to either bring it up to date with a website renovation, or project manage a new build.

I have created many websites from scratch, starting with a needs assessment to ensure the finished site will meet the needs of both the organisation and its target market. Determining an intuitive navigation structure, that enables visitors to find the information they desire promptly, is one of my skills. I have also overseen the production of several sites, sourcing images and creating compelling content.

I can also produce infographics and other designs, plus script videos for your site. See the Portfolio section for examples of my work.

If your website is non-existent or you fear it is not as effective as it should be, get in touch to discuss your needs. I can also conduct a website audit to provide a comprehensive report on how your site could be improved.