About Kate

Super Efficient

Combines years of experience on the tools and a fascination with emerging technologies to streamline work processes with the aim of helping organisations to maximise their impact.

Deeply Committed

Focused on assisting not-for-profit organisations and social enterprises to get their message out there. Highly skilled in consulting with diverse stakeholders and managing complex projects.

Highly Skilled

Experienced interviewer, editor and story teller. Passionate about connecting people and crafting stories that bridge the gaps between cultures, backgrounds and beliefs.

Kate Robertson

Icebreaker Communications

I’ve straddled both sides of the media fence as a journalist for newspapers including The Age and producer for ABC Radio news and current affairs and as a Corporate Communications Consultant for not-for-profits including Austin Health and the Community Housing Industry Association.

I particularly enjoy assisting not-for-profit and social enterprise organisations to increase their impact. Not only because helping make the world a better place gives me a warm fuzzy, but because they have the best stories – and I love to tell a good story.

My communication skills are diverse, ranging from interviewing and editing to teaching communications teams how to leverage emerging technology, but my perfect day involves talking to inspiring people who are making a real difference, and then finding the best ways to maximise their impact.

If it sounds like we’d be a good fit, let’s talk.