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Icebreaker Communications’ origin story

Once upon a time…

In 2005, leveraging her career as a journalist for outlets such as ABC radio, Journalist and Editor Kate Robertson launched what has become Icebreaker Communications.  Back then, Icebreaker was a solo operation with a focus on writing features for publications including The Age newspaper.

Before too long, Icebreaker’s expertise expanded to assist small businesses and not-for-profits. As demand for its services grew, Icebreaker evolved to meet clients’ needs and to be at the forefront of the latest innovations and changing communications landscape.

We have embraced the emerging field of conversational marketing; crafting engaging email campaigns that not only capture attention but also build lasting relationships with audiences.

With the rise of AI, we have educated not-for-profits on how to best take advantage of this emerging technology and developed expertise in building chatbots that are not just functional but genuinely helpful, enhancing customer experience in a way that feels personal and intuitive.

Icebreaker Communications has come a long way since that first freelance article, but whether it’s through a gripping piece of content, an engaging email, or a helpful chatbot, the heart of Icebreaker Communications remains the same: a love for telling a good story.

Kate Robertson


I’ve straddled both sides of the media fence as a journalist for newspapers including The Age and producer for ABC Radio news and current affairs and as a Corporate Communications Consultant for not-for-profits including Austin Health and the Community Housing Industry Association.

I particularly enjoy assisting not-for-profit and social enterprise organisations to increase their impact. Not only because helping make the world a better place gives me a warm fuzzy, but because they have the best stories – and I love to tell a good story.

My communication skills are diverse, ranging from interviewing and editing to teaching communications teams how to leverage emerging technology, including implementing chatbots. But my perfect day involves talking to inspiring people who are making a real difference, and then finding the best ways to maximise their impact.

If it sounds like we’d be a good fit, let’s talk.