Case Studies

RACV Harry's storyCreating an emotional connection

Case studies are a great way for your business or organisation to create an emotional connection with your target market and it is emotion that holds sway over buying or engagement decisions, with logic then seeking a way to justify the decision (you can picture yourself in that red Mini Cooper, and can defend the purchase to your spouse with its fuel efficiency….)

When a potential or existing customer learns how someone else, in a similar situation to their own, has been able to benefit from your products or services, it gives them confidence that they can achieve the same results. (If they have lost 9kg in six weeks using the Max Trainer, I should be able to….)

With decades of experience as a journalist, I’m well placed to be able to craft compelling case studies. I am often utilised by government agencies such as VicHealth to add case studies to bring larger documents to life. (If they think they are worthwhile, why wouldn’t you?)

My experience with writing case studies includes featuring interesting staff members for the RACV’s annual report, crafting success stories for Spotlight’s Get Creative magazine, anad researching stories on the real-life impact of great care for Austin Health’s Victorian Premier’s Health Care Awards’ nominations. I have also utilised video format for a case study for the Program of Experience in Palliative Care, where I wrote the video script and project managed the production of the video and the website in which it featured.

If you would like to know how you could use case studies as an effective tool to promote your brand, service or product, simply email or call me to discuss your desired outcomes.