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Automate leads, sales & bookings

Because business shouldn’t be that hard

Harness the power of chatbots to capture leads, make sales and take bookings

Add a chatbot to your website and you’ve just made your business a 24/7 operation that is able to answer simple queries, gather leads and make bookings out of hours. Try one for 14 days and if you don’t make back your investment – and some – we’ll give you your money back.

Increase sales

Make sales in your sleep with your chatbot able to provide cheeky discount codes and link with your booking platform.

Capture leads

Effortlessly collect emails, names, phone numbers, and more. Turn your casual website browsers into loyal customers.

Customised for your business

We design the chatbot to accomplish your main goal, including capturing email addresses to boost your list and nurture potential customers until they are ready to buy from you.

They can even provide a discount code to boost sales instantly.

Ready to Transform Your Business?

Schedule a strategy call with Kate and discover how our chatbots can be tailored to your specific needs.

Our ‘no-fine-print-required’ 14-day money-back guarantee

If you don’t believe the bot is saving you more time and money that your investment warrants, simply send us an email and we’ll return your funds and give your bot a good talking to.

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