Chatbot FAQs

What kind of information can the chatbot collect?

Our chatbots can capture essential information such as emails, names, phone numbers, and more, helping you turn casual visitors into loyal customers.

Will it work for my business?

Yes! It’s hard to imagine a business that would not benefit from being able to triage calls, conduct market research, book appointments, provide discounts and gather leads.

Can chatbots deal with complex queries?

Our chatbots are created to handle small, distinct tasks with a scripted workflow. When they can’t answer a question, they provide contact details for follow up with a human, or a message of your choosing. If you need something more complex, an AI Assistant, which can be ‘trained’ on your business, would be a better fit. For more information, see our AI Assistants page.

How easy is it to integrate the chatbot with my current website?

Our chatbots are designed for easy integration into your website, whether you’re using WordPress, Shopify, Click Funnels, Squarespace, or Wix. You can choose to have the chatbot on a specific page, or all pages. You’ll receive the code required to upload the bot onto your site. This is a simple 5-minute process that can be done by your web developer or yourself, following our easy-to-use guides. Our support team can also assist if needed.

Can I customise my chatbot?

You can customise the colour, welcome message, tone and outcome of your chatbot.

What do I need to do?

If you would like to order your own chatbot, simply complete the Intake form and email through the information requested in the form. We will create your chatbot within two working days. After you have approved the chatbot, we will provide you, or your website developer, with the line of code to be placed on your website. That’s it!

How long does it take to get my chatbot?

We have a maximum 48-hour turnaround for chatbot orders (Monday to Friday)

What happens once the chatbot is installed?

The email account you have nominated will receive instant notifications of engagement with your chatbot, including requested contact details. If you the chatbot has been linked to your bookings system, you should also begin receiving additional bookings. If you don’t currently have a bookings page, you can set up a free online Calendly account for this purpose.

How do I claim my chatbot?

Head to our intake page and answer the questions in the chatbot.

Can I make changes to my bot once it has been deployed?

You can make one set of changes within the first 14 days at no cost. After this time, a fee of $50, including GST, will be payable.

Payment terms

You will be invoiced after 14 days, with payment due within 7 days. If an account is unpaid, the bot will be deactivated.

What if I want more customisation?

If you are after a more customisable solution, you may wish to consider our AI Assistants, who can be trained on your business’s specific knowledge base and can respond in a human-like manner to more complex queries. To find out more, see our webpage or contact us.

How safe is my data?

We use industry standard server and data protections with encrypted passwords and restricted access, with the biggest protection being a limit to the amount of information requested by each individual chatbot to the minimum required.

Our ‘no-fine-print-required’ 14-day money-back guarantee

If you don’t believe you chatbot is saving you more time and money that your investment warrants, simply send us an email and we’ll return your funds and give your bot a good talking to.